5 VSCO Presets that you need to try


Sometimes I don’t want to spend a lot of time on editing and I found the perfect app for me to edit pictures easy and fast - VSCO. I think the most of you already heard about this app and maybe use it too everyday. If so, what are your favorite presets? 

Some of the presets come free with the app but I bought most of the additional ones because I really love them. And they are much cheaper than the VSCO Film Presets for Lightroom ^^

Remember that presets can look different in other pictures. It all depends on how your original image looks and different settings.


A4 - Analog / Aesthetic

This is my most used preset I think, it’s really nice and it has a classic analog film vibe to it. It gives some contrast and adds a warm look with a brownish/red undertone. I think it’s perfect when you have natural material in your picture like wood. 



C8 - The Chromatic Collection

This preset adds saturation and contrast to your picture. I really like this one when there is blue or orange in the picture because these colors look really amazing when this filter is added.



M5 - M Series: Subtle Fade

This preset adds a vintage feel to your pictures and also a fade look which I really like. The white is not really white and the black is not really black. The image appears to be a bit softer.



02 - Legacy Collection

Everyone needs a simple black and white preset. This is one of the most basic, it gives a good amount of contrast and adds a fade so the black looks more subtle. I really like this.



10 - Legacy Collection

I don’t use this regularly. But I always can recommend this one when you really want a lot of contrast and a darker image. The black is really deep and the colors are a bit more saturated. 


These were my five favorite presets from the VSCO App. You can download this app for free here for iOS or here for Android.