more ideas for your bullet journal


Since bullet journal ideas are always important and good to have - I thought I would write a second post with even more ideas that can be used to fill up your notebook. If you haven’t checked out my first post with 30 ideas you can find it here.

I changed my bullet journal system compared to last year. No Leuchtturm1917, no Moleskine - this year I use a simple A5 dotted Muji Notebook which I love so far. If you want to know how I set it up and what it looks like check out this post.

But now, let’s check out 15 more ideas! Note: These are not just planning related ideas. 

  • Gratitude journal (I think I should try this!)
  • Vocabulary lists (if you study another language) 
  • Shopping list
  • 18 things to do by the end of 2018
  • Travel Bucket List (my travel bucket list
  • Date ideas
  • interesting words (like Pluviophile & Selenophile)
  • Favorite Lyrics
  • Write a letter to your future or past self - or both.
  • Journal writing prompts
  • Weekly or monthly reviews 
  • Self-Care Tips & Things
  • Dream Journal
  • Photo Ideas for your Instagram or Tumblr
  • Things to buy for the house or your apartment