5 things to do in london


London - you are wonderful. A city that I would like to visit over and over again. Just last week we were there for the fifth time. And I hope we can go next year as well - and if it’s only for a short weekend trip. 

Today I want to share 5 things that you should try to do in London. 

Primrose Hill


You’ll find a lot of green in London. If you want to relax after a long day or just escape from the busy streets - LDN offers numerous parks and green spaces for you. The Hyde Park, Green Park or Regent's Park are popular places. But have you ever heard of Primrose Hill? If not, then be sure to write this on your list. This is located above Regent's Park - a hill in the middle of the city, which offers a wonderful view. Every time when we are in London we get food and go for a picnic on the Primrose Hill. On the weekdays and when there are no special events around it it’s not even overcrowded. (That’s what I experienced.)


Ben's Cookies


To be honest I spend most of the money on food ^^ I love to snack and eat sweets. So I always spend some pounds at Ben’s Cookies - so far the best cookies I have ever eaten. You can find a few stores in London - there are two on the Oxford Street and I am sure you will visit this street. If you want some really soft and delicious cookies - definitely check this out! 


Southbank / Charlotte Campbell


Like in other cities you will find street musicians/busker here as well. But I want to recommend someone especially - Charlotte Campbell. You can find her on the Southbank at the London Eye pretty often. If not - she regularly posts her locations and next sets on Twitter. You can sit there and listen to her beautiful songs and cover versions - we really enjoy this every time and I think it’s possible that she already knew us as „the berliners“ ^^ After her set you can continue your walk along the Thames. 


The Monument


Certainly, the view from the platform at The Shard is great I think (unfortunately I was not on the platform yet as the price is quite steep) but for the smaller and cheaper option, you should visit The Monument. It's about 60 meters high (311 steps) and you can climb it for only 4.50 £. After enjoying the view and come back downstairs, you’ll receive a certificate. And by the way, you can learn a little more about the Great Fire of London that destroyed a large part of London in 1666.




A very important point you can use on every trip - Explore! Look for corners and places that are not overcrowded with people, just take another street and see where they lead you. Discover the city completely by yourself and without any guide. It's so much fun! My boyfriend and I have been to London a few times already, so we've seen most attractions and removed them from the list. Whenever we are there we try to find new places, we don't plan much and just take a bus in the morning and see where we end up. In this way we have been able to find a great place last year, the Alexandra Palace with a wonderful panoramic view over London. Definitely another tip for you if you don’t want to be on busy streets everyday.



I hope you found something new for your „London To Do List". If you have any tips, leave them in the comments down below. I am also curious which "secret" places you can recommend.