bullet journal 2018


For the new year I decided to get a new bullet journal and in this post, I want to tell you about it and how I set it up so far and what plans I have. As you may know, I used two different notebooks last year, one that stayed at home and one that I carried with me all the time. But I think that was not the perfect idea for me so I decided to try a something different this year. 

why I changed my bullet journal

For 2018 I wanted something new, a change. I had one smaller and one bigger notebook and both of them have so many blank pages left after about a half year. I would never fill them up in one year either. So I didn’t want to continue like this and spend that much money on notebooks and not finish them. 


the new notebook


It’s beautiful, isn’t it?! So I bought this Muji Notebook - the spiral bound A5 PP Cover Notebook with dotted paper and what can I say - I love it. Muji Stationery looks so clean and minimalistic and beautiful. And when I saw pictures on Tumblr where people use this as a bullet journal I wanted to give it a try. I’ll use this for everything, monthly planning, daily tasks, lists etc. everything in one place and no more hundreds of notebooks to take care of. but to be honest I am a bit afraid because it’s not as sturdy because of the rings. but I will take good care of it and I also have a case where I can put it and then place it in my bag. 


my favorite supplies

There are a few things that I always use and carry with me. Of course, I want to use more colors and pens but these I will keep at home since I am not planning to create new pages when I’m at work or something like this ^^ I mainly write with the Muji gel pen in black 0.38. Maybe I am switching between this one and the 0.5 gel pen. We will see.

Then there is a simple ruler for drawing lines and tables, a pencil, an eraser and some sticky notes. Maybe I will add the Tombow pen but I am not quite sure if I really need it as well as the Pentel touch brush pen. I don’t want to carry a whole bunch of stationery every day that I don’t use on the go. Keep it minimalistic! 


a look inside

Let’s have a look at some of my pages that I have already prepared. On the first page, I wrote down my goals for 2018 but I don’t want to share them. I want to keep them for myself and I hope you understand this. The next page is my „Health“ page where I wrote down my mediation as well as a period and weight tracker.

Then I created a yearly overview as you can see in the pictures. On one page I have 3 months with a small calendar on the side and next to it I can write down important notes, birthdays and dates. This way I have a good and fast overview for the next months. 

Since we are planning to visit Seoul (hopefully next year) and I am already way too excited - I made an ideas list for our trip and of course, there will be lot more things that will be added later. 신난다! (Korean expression for being excited) Another very important page is my wedding ideas page where I want to briefly write down ideas, photographers etc. So I can slowly begin to plan this day. No stress! 

Of course, as a lover of Korean music and dramas, I had to write down my „want to watch k-dramas and movies“ as well as a tracker on the next pages. 


One thing I want to keep track of and want to build is my blog so whenever an idea pops up, it will be added. For the planning, I created a simple table with space for the title and if I already wrote the text and took pictures. It’s a really easy way to see what still needs to be done for certain posts.

Finally, there is the first monthly overview with a little tracker. I just wrote down the days of the month and added a tracker. while on the other page I have space for to do lists, ideas, notes or whatever. I used this layout in my old bullet journal and really liked it because it’s nice and clean. 

I haven’t done a weekly spread yet but I will definitely share it on social media along with other updates! 


That’s it for my new bullet journal. Do you guys have a planner, bullet journal or what kind of system will you use in 2018. How do you organize everything? Paper or Smartphone/Tablet. Let me know in the comments down below!  As mentioned before I will update and share pictures on social media so make sure you follow me on Instagram for more. 

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