Monthly Round Up: October 2017


Looking back on the month of October, I can say that this was a relaxed one. Nothing special or major happened. On the 21st of October my mum and my sister visited me here in Berlin, we were shopping at Alexanderplatz and we ate delicious Bibimbap. You need to try this! It's sooo delicious, i could eat it everday. Anyway, here is my little round up.


what i watched

Finally - i watched the first season of Riverdale. At first i wasn't sure if i will like it but now i can say that i really enjoyed it. BUT i haven't startet with the second seasons because i want to wait till there are some more or all episodes are up on netflix.

I also watched a korean drama - Bride of the Watergod (하백의 신부). I'm not good at summaries so i will just copy the text from where you can watch this drama for free.

"Yoon So Ah is a pragmatic neuropsychiatrist who carries a tremendous financial burden to run her own practice. Her family has been tasked with serving Ha Baek, a reincarnated water god, for many generations, and So Ah is forced to do the same. Ha Baek starts to develop feelings for So Ah, but he has competition for her heart from Hoo Ye, the CEO of a resort company, who clashes with So Ah over a piece of land but then falls in love with her. Moo Ra is a goddess from the Water Kingdom who has been living on Earth for hundreds of years. Working as an actress, Moo Ra loves Ha Baek and doesn’t appreciate So Ah stealing him away from her. Meanwhile, Bi Ryum is a wind god who has always had a one-sided crush on Moo Ra despite knowing her feelings for Ha Baek.“ (C)


what i played

I love simulation games, this month i got the new Story of Seasons game - Trio of Towns. What is it about?! It's a farming/life-simulation game where you plant fruits and vegetables seeds and make a new living on your own farm. You can have some really cute animals, too. It's a really cute game and i really like this genre. Just a random fact - the played the first Story of Seasons game for about 200 hours on my Nintendo 3DS.



what i bought

I love K-Pop and some of my preorders arrived in germany at a local store. BTS, B.A.P and EXO's new CD's are now mine. Since there are 4 versions of BTS's Love Yourself i decided to buy two different versions. How could you just choose one out of four?! Impossible. ^^



Of course the new songs from BTS but i also enjoyed the unit songs from Seventeen and Taemin's new songs from his album MOVE. ♥

Tell me something about your october. What was your highlight this month?