My Travel Bucket List


Everyone has places on their list that they really want to visit. Unfortunately, the time and money to really see everything is limited. I've put together a little Travel Bucket List that i want to share with you today!


wanderlust (n.)

a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.

i haven't traveled a lot. I visited London a few times, in school we traveled to Edinburgh and Glasgow. I'm 26 years now and a bit sad that i haven't seen much yet. But i hope in the next years i can visited some of the places i have on my list.


Seattle, Portland, La Push & Co.

„The Pacific Northwest“ – when i think about the Northwest i see mountains, forests, foggy streets, i want to hike, experiencing adventures and the mystic atmosphere. The first time I became aware of this area was in the movie Twilight. Yes, that may sound funny, but it's the truth. I could spend a long time looking at pictures that capture the mood or finding my way to Second Beach with Google Maps.

Photo Credit: Tory Savannah @ Instagram / Thank you for let me use your photo.

New York

In contrast to the quiet mood on the coast of Washington, I would also like to wander in the streets of New York City. Central Park on one side, tall buildings right next to it, sitting in a small cafe and just watch people pass. Already during my schooldays i dreamed of going to New York and I hope that it will come true someday.

Seoul, South Korea

Of course i have to put this on my list as a lover of the language and k-pop etc. I don't want to visit just Seoul, i also want to see Busan and little villages. I want to learn more about the Korean culture, see the Bukchon Hanok Village and wear a Hanbok, the traditional korean dress and just experiencing a totally different culture.

Tokio, Japan

A different culture, beautiful architecture, i definitely want experience a culture shock. And not to forget, the beautiful cherry blossom trees!


Edinburgh / Scotland

Even though I've been to Edinburgh before, I'd like to go back and explore the city on my own - without a plan or classmates. I would like to explore the Old Town, look at the buildings, enjoy the scenery and surroundings, and maybe climb the Arthur's Seat.

Do you have a travel bucket list? Which places do you want to see and where have you been before?